Bom Jesus Church

Located in Moti Daman, Daman; the construction of the church began in 1559 AD and was completed in 1603 AD. Bom Jesus Church displays its remarkable and brilliant roman styled architecture. Inside the church you will find 6 beautiful statues of the Saints. The altar of the church are carved from wood and is a fine specimen of the Portuguese artisans. The ceilings are decorated with murals and the intricately carved gateways are sure to attract immediate attraction of the visitors. The church is not only a remnant of the Portuguese art and architecture but also is a major part of the heritage of Daman.

Fort Jerome

Located at the North side of Damanganga river at Nani Daman, Daman; Fort Jerome was named after St. Jerome whose statue is placed on top of the main entrance. The fort was constructed in order to keep watch on the activities in the sea. The main attraction of this fort is the Church of Our Lady of the sea which is a remarkable example of Portuguese style architecture, a part of the church has now been converted into a school. The other thing to see in the fort premises is the Portuguese war cemetery which is nearly as old as the fort. The thick walls of the fort, even though more than 4 centuries old show no sign of breakage. The fort is a remarkable place to visit for the people who want a glimpse at the remarkable Portuguese style architecture.